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Frequently Asked Questions about coffee and the various preparation methods.


How to calibrate a grinder for a great cup of Espresso

These guidelines are a recommendation for the initial calibration of your grinder when trying out and adjusting to a new coffee. You will need the following:. Steps to calibrate the grinder:. Keep in mind that on some machines, the calibration can be

Adjusting the Dose and Grind Size for a great cup of Espresso

Adjusting the dose and grind size are the key factors to balancing the coffees for a great taste. Here are some general guidelines on how and what to adjust:

How to stop pulling the shot by time, flow color or weight

In general, we recommend for beginners to time the shots; but this is not best practice once you are a little more experienced. There are two best practices, pick one depending on your preference:. You will need the following to pull shots by brew ra