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Placing a new Wholesale Order

Go to the Wholesale page by either going to the Tico Coffee Roasters website (www.ticoroasters.com) and then select in the “Wholesale” menu “Shop Wholesale”.

You will be asked to login with your login credentials, if you are not already logged in.

Once logged in you will see all our wholesale offerings on a single page. To make it easier to find your products we have a special section only for coffees and for tea or if you prefer to have all in one list just scroll down on the page to see all wholesale products.

Click on the product you wish to order and you will be offered all the available option on package sizes as well as the grind types available for that specific product.

Select the Product Size and the Grind Type and then add it to the cart.

When the product is added to the Cart a green line will appear under the “Add to Cart” button allowing you to continue shopping (if you need other products) or to “View cart” for checkout.

Once you have all items you need, go to the cart and click on the “Checkout” button at the bottom of the cart.

You will receive an automated email notification that your order is placed and we will send you another notification when we have your order ready to be shipped or to be delivered.

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