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Reorder a previous Wholesale Order

We want to make working with us as convenient as possible for you and offer the possibility in our online store to let you re-order the same items as in a previous order. If you wish to duplicate a previous order, login to the website and go to the “My Account” page (the link is in the black bar in the top once you are logged in.

On the Account Overview you will see all your previous orders and you have a “Reorder” button which will add all products from that order in the cart. If you are not sure which order to duplicate, you can add the previous order by clicking on the order number and on the order items view page you also have a “Reorder” button.

Once you click “Reorder” the items from that order will be added to the cart and you will be taken to the cart where you can modify the quantities or remove a specific item from the cart.

Once you have the order as you prefer, simply follow the same Wholesale Order Checkout procedure as for placing a new order.

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